The BREXIT Twist Again & the Puppets Hit the Road (updated)

Watching the news media in the last few hours it seems there’s a new spin in air with focus being solely on the catastrophic consequences if we crash out of the EU without a deal. Now to some this may not account for much but it’s interesting that no one speaks about the potential of remaining in the EU. In other words the narrative that’s taken to the air is this deal or crash out of the EU and suffer the consequences. This is mainly driven by the Theresa May’s puppets that have dispersed across the country to sell this 2 option scenario; why – well because that’s the only option that allows their boss to survive politically. But then again as mentioned before this should no longer be a choice for the political establishment or one that is affected/infected my media spin; this should be the choice for the people to make directly through the People’s Vote; that’s what we should be focused on to make it happen.

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