Angela Merkel Steps Down as Party Leader

If we categories politicians as either people with Steady Hands or Gamblers, I suspect that Angela Merkel is one with the Steady Hands. She’s been a powerful/influential voice for Europe and European values. She is in many ways a model politician one with integrity and sense of duty rather than one consumed by self interest or media hype – like some in No. 10. That said, in a world that is getting ever more complex if politicians want to be more effective they definitely need to combine these 2 traits of having steady hands while not shying away when there is need to gamble. Equally important in my view is that politicians have to be more vocal & direct in defending/protecting our values – not just in private but more importantly publicly. I do not believe she was as successful as I had hoped in that sense. But just the same she is one person that one cannot help but respect, admire and is certainly a tremendous asset for Germany who I am certain will continue to contribute to the political dialogue for years to come beyond her current role as Chancellor. In fact I suspect/hope she becomes part of global dialogue when it comes to reforming our politics and promoting Democratic/Liberal values throughout the world.

I truly wish you well Chancellor Merkel. 

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