The Mirage that is the 11/12 BREXIT Vote

There seems to be an air of excitement/anticipation and enthusiasm when we hear people talking of the 11th of December vote on the BREXIT agreement. May I be the one to help put a bit of a reality check on these expectations and here’s why;

  1. Result 1: May looses the vote so politicians face the mess – think of it as a different of kind of BREXIT mess one with different ingredients but similarly uneatable – of deciding what the next step will be as there is no agreement on a plan B. So another round of endless negotiations & grand standing 
  2. Result 2: May manages to find a compromise with her BREXITEER clan to secure a win. Now we’re in the same mess with the same ingredients – as if that’s a comfort. 
  3. No Result as the vote is delayed or cancelled altogether as some seem to call for like the Julian Smith the Chief Whip.

In other words there is no resolution insight – what is indeed expected is that whatever the outcome we’re guaranteed further political haggling, division and by extension further political & economic woes for this country. If you’re wondering why we continue to see these convoluted processes take a stranglehold in resolving the BREXIT conundrum the answer is actually quite simple; there is a big chunk of MPs – you know the people that supposedly represent us – who are going into overdrive to avoid the people having a say on this deal either through a People’s Vote or a 2nd Referendum; call it a case of political influence from power brokers or corruption or purely issues of ideology the outcome is the same.  

The good news is that they’ll eventually come to the conclusion that this nugget cannot be resolved without the voice of the people. The bad news is that time is NOT on our side in terms of the continued political & economic price we’re already paying as a country for these further delays as we clearly see including the news today about the stock market turmoil that wiped £56bn off FTSE 100, in worst day since Brexit vote. This is precisely why once this nugget is finally resolved we really need to have a close look into the accountably side of things – but more on that in good time. What’s important for us as citizens to understand is that we don’t really need to accept the narratives/timelines of the political establishment, rather we can pressure them for a vote right now.

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