The BREXIT Boogiemen Haunting UK Labour

Normally when we were kids and being naughty our parents sometimes scare by the boogieman who may come to haunt us if continue to be naughty. But for adult politicians it seems that its become part of our eco system that political parties are haunted by multiple boogiemen, sometimes referred to as Special Interest Power Brokers/Lobbyists. Now I’ve written plenty about this despicable phenomenon infecting our politics so I will not rehash here. But today we hear about one of the Labour boogiemen Len McCluskey the Unite trade union leader privately Telling Labour MPs the party should have severe reservations about backing a fresh Brexit referendum, saying voters could see it as a betrayal. OK, now that’s interesting cause here I am as a completely ignorant layman thinking that we only had 1 set of voters, am I wrong? In other words if there was indeed a 2nd Referendum – or a People’e Vote on the existing agreement which I would prefer as mentioned in previous post – is he talking about the same set of voters or some other set somewhere. Certainly one of us – either myself or Mr. McClusky – needs guidance, counselling or maybe just settle for a drink in the pub if not already too late for than one. 

This in my view is a clear demonstration of 2 specific realities at least from my perspective;

  1. BREXIT is indeed a manifestation of bare/deep political influence by power brokers into our political eco system who see the world through a specific transactional perspective that benefits them and them alone. This has to STOP, BREXIT or NO BREXIT. These actions should no longer be tolerated or treated casually – cause normalising this breaks our Democracy.
  2.  This latest development is a clear vindication of my view that the only way out of this mess is a People’s Vote as mentioned in previous posts below because the broken political system we live in – though I suspect it can no longer be defined as a system –  is incapable of resolving this issue in parliament or even in defining an acceptable process for a 2nd Referendum; again I mentioned this in my previous post if interested – links below.

So in my mind there isn’t a more critical moment for British people – left, right or centre – to make their voices heard but this specific vote, this so as to;

a) Set the direction for country where the political elites have failed and

b) To ensure politicians understand that there is no blank cheque for anything and we can take control on important matters when there is failure/incompetence by Our Representatives because this representation ceases when these elements exist.

In my mind any alternate path will inevitably be a fudge and will not resolve this issue which translates to more political mess/division and greater economic woes.

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