The Government Defeated on 2 Counts In Parliament Today but the Numbers Tell their Own Story (updated)

Today as you may know already the government was defeated on 2 major votes as follows;

  • Publish full legal advice by the attorney on Theresa May’s Brexit deal
    • 311 to 293
  • Allow Parliament to seize control of Brexit if the House of Commons votes down the Theresa May’s deal
    • 321 to 299

Looking good, right? Not really if we consider how close the votes are. Just take a minute to think about the proposition of 293 MPs (over two thirds of the vote) voted to prevent the publishing of important legal advice on BREXIT, now that’s kind’a cool 🙁 On the 2nd vote again same percentage voting to prevent parliament from it’s core duty for  oversight on government policy – and NOT any policy but one that’s quite consequential to our future.

Now turn your attention if you will to the economic impact arising from all this mess we’re witnessing daily and the currency fluctuations that are reacting to every bit of news out of Whitehall, Parliament & No. 10. Who owns this mess if NOT Theresa May personally as well as everyone in her revolving door government or used to be in it.

The reality I see is this;

The current parliament is part of the BREXIT problem and NOT part of the solution because as I and many repeatedly say that politics in this country at this point-and-time is utterly broken, so if the expectation is that these political gains represent an indication of proper parliamentary oversight you must be joking. Why you may ask; well because what’s happening in parliament is nothing more that political haggling and nothing that can come out of this parliament will be credible and/or acceptable to the British people in my view. Also remember that the slim majority in parliament that voted down the government agree on little else but voting down the government – all for different reasons. So in my view it’s a waste of precious time that we can all – country included – do without because the only viable way forward is a People’s Vote on the current BREXIT agreement pure/simple; some the reason’s I mention in this blog post.

This stuff about publishing legal advice may well be useful but that for me is NOT a show stopper nor is the December 11th vote to be frank. It should be down to the public to decide the fate of BREXIT directly and give politics a sense of direction, so let’s “Just Get On With It” as they say!

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