The Labour Policy of: “To Oppose Anything Goes”

Keir Starmer interviews are always fascinating in the way the project the state of Labour politics; the fluid tactics of Labour is there for all to see. In an interview on Sky he suggests the following (and please do keep track of the number of positions open for the party);

He suggests that if Theresa May looses the backing of parliament come D-Day for the BREXIT agreement, they might move for a Confidence Vote if they’re not satisfied when she outlines her position at that stage. If she is removed from office they’ll call for a General Election and if not they’ll call for a 2nd Referendum – are you still counting here or more importantly are you still awake.

In a nutshell – and we’re talking nuts here – Labour has a few options in mind;

  1. Theresa May Looses backing -> “possibly” a Confidence Vote 
  2. Theresa May Deposed of -> General Election
  3. Theresa May Stays on -> 2nd Referendum

In other words they’re interested in covering all basis where in reality what’s really happening is simply that they’re trying as usual to keep all options open (you know plan B, C, D…X, though Y is a working progress) and as I mentioned previously I don’t believe this is accidental but rather by design because there is no clarity (or unity) within the party about BREXIT though it’s quite clear their leader has more in common with the BREXITER clan than he would care to admit. In my view there should be a People’s Vote on this existing agreement period because a) at this stage the politics is broken in Parliament and the People’s Vote will serve as giving some direction b) that’s the only BREXITEER driven proposal achievable unless of course you’re one of the fringe BREXITER clan willing to sacrifice the country by allowing it to fall off the cliff with no deal c) devising a proper 2nd Referendum in this political environment would be a very complex proposition indeed, though that was my original position before getting to this agreement. We can then have a General Election on firm basis with pragmatic choices for the way forward rather deal on hypothetic’s and the first 2 main tasks for parliament after recovering from this mess are as follows;

  1. Fixing the existing political system that allows for accidental leaders like the one that got us Theresa May and ensuring that the appointment of a Prime Minister is one driven by debate, scrutiny and elections while also ensuring there are ways for a recall for leaders when they go off track while in office.
  2. Accountability for all who were involved in devising the flawed BREXIT process and the ramifications of it in terms of costs incurred whether economic, social or political.

As for Labour it’s clear that it’s far from being an Opposition Party but rather an Opposition with No Position which makes the party more of an Opposition Joke.

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