When a High-Five causes a Thumbs-Down

Now here is a little brain teaser; During the G20 summit in Argentina there was a clip picked up by one of the reporter camera’s where Vladimir Putin and the Saudi prince MBS exchange a high-five. Now it seems western media has become overly excited about the clip to the extent of posting it all over the place along with the usual analysis/paralysis including the main page on the CNN website. Now I know for a fact I am far from being clever, but how dumb do the people in these media outlets have to be to hype-up this story to that extent when they must know this is precisely the ploy intended by these 2 chaps to hammer a point. The point is certainly taken even without the fiver but it just seems that western media is unwittingly playing the Putin tune over-and-over again. I guess when western media outlets – most of them anyway – focus on sensationalism and keeping a 9/11 approach to news coverage as Jon Stewart the previous host of The Daily Show wisely observed, any sense of “appropriateness/wisdom” in reporting is ultimately blurred out – a perfect platform for the likes of Putin. The takeaway is this; we need to protect our freedoms but at the same time we should not be pawns for others intent on abusing these freedoms for any reason whether nationally or by foreign players. So for now it’s a thumbs down I’m afraid for media outlets like CNN

Just a thought.

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