Dear Mrs. May, I am Utterly Dismayed

It is kind of comic – though far from being funny – when you see Theresa May lecturing the Saudi crown prince about Khashoggi murder during the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. While I do agree with the sentiment and appreciate your thoughts on this specific/single topic you are far from being a credible leader nationally to have any form of credibility on the International stage. So the advice from this end would be to keep a low profile on the International stage because you’re in a pretty messy situation at home and you are certainly not in any position to lecture on Transparency & Process; if anything these are 2 of your main weak points so at least avoid these subject matters in your foreign travel. In fact you are indeed a stain on what many of us consider core Democratic/Liberal values that so many have paid their lives to preserve/protect. As for many of us in this country we wait for the day when your leadership is over and someone with the necessary leadership traits and a sense of integrity is able to lead/unite this country.

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  1. Finding a new leader with statesman like qualities is the problem. Of the 650 MPs in the Commons, I really can’t think of any worthy. The country is literally broken at the moment.

    1. I do so agree. One way around this problem is the need to eliminate accidental leaders from our political eco system altogether. Potential leaders should be subjected to public scrutiny/debate. This is NOT rocket science for them to be treated like ordinary people applying for a job; this is NOT a party issue but a matter of immense national interest so they need to be rigorously vetted from the public and by unbiased political experts – process can be defined/developed easily. Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Back in 2013, I got involved in a very heated local political campaign because our council leaders were to be frank, abysmal.

    With a group of five, we petitioned and pushed for a referendum to change the governance style to an elected mayor system. We won that referendum by landslide. Now, the public choose their leader.

    We need a presidential style of leadership at Number 10 – where the public choose their leader. But – there also needs to be a better system of recall, so that they are accountable for their actions.

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