The BREXIT Restaurant

This has to be a great idea for a political cartoon of sorts; A rich man’s restaurant – mainly for snobs – where there is just a few tables, 4 to be specific, 2 for the super rich/super snobs, 1 for all others who could NOT quite make the super rich/snob category, and 1 for all the common folk. It’s a feast for the 1st 3 tables but there’s a catch; only 1 table is paying for it and probably not even affording to eat themselves having sold all their belongings and wearing drabs to make the payment – yes you guessed it’s the last table. Menu options have been a few, but now an order has been placed for all by table 1 while table 2 is still arguing about the choice. Hey, sorry there seems to be a shadow of another table in a dark section of the restaurant – they’re not actually eating only passing suspicious looking envelops around to the first 2 tables and waging bets (OK we’ve established some are simply cash & others are simply marching orders); right I understand now these are the Special Interest group/Lobbyists and some don’t even sound local.

This is precisely how it feels with the state of the existing so called BREXIT and the so called British parliament of the so called British people. Start reading the headlines & news stories today – and last few days – and you see May making a deal for herself (and possibly some in her party), while Labour is looking for another deal may be along the Norway style, while politicians on all sides go on TV to suggest further tweaks they believe would be more acceptable – but for whom exactly? The public however are the spectators with all of this going on but they’re the ones eventually paying the bill. It suddenly gets depressing, so you decide to switch the channel and you see Jacob Rees-Mogg known as the “Honourable Member for the 18th century” or as I would prefer to put it; “The Snobourable Member for the 17th century” the older the wiser right 🙁 my opinion anyway – and you see him criticising the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney at a personal level about him raising the alarm of a no deal BREXIT. But then when you look at the profile/history of Mr. Rees-Mogg you realise that he actually embodies vividly the BREXITEER clan; here’s a super duper rich guy who literally has nothing to loose in case of a bad deal but possibly plenty to gain considering his ties to financial businesses; someone who brags about supporting/using tax havens in the Cayman Islands & Singapore – he wants to speak on our behalf in breaking all ties with the EU to save on membership fees for the country, really? How about staking your fortunes on the success of BREXIT – in other words put your money where your mouth is – and start by ending your use of tax havens? Here’s another easy one – try and get out more to get more of a life because people like you should enjoy tea in their own comfy Chateau but NOT make key decisions for the rest of us unless of course you can lend us your Chateau for a couple of thousand years.

The problem in a nutshell is this; people who see the world – and please excuse the language –  through a toilet roll, are more than happy passing them around so people do the same thing with them, this while they reap the benefits of this illusion of a world view. What we need for politicians who represent us is to have a realistic view on an ever changing world to help us adapt to it rather chain us in their Chateau; being rich is NOT a bad thing, but being rich and inward looking while trying to have us follow is foolish.

BREXIT is indeed an illusion in the way it’s been sold and here “lies” the problem. 

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