BREXIT Flicks: Eliminating the No Deal BREXIT Proposition

There seems to be a confusion about the alternate path of opposing the existing agreement in Parliament and it seems that Theresa May is signalling that it’s her deal or a No Deal BREXIT. I know there is some support for a No Deal BREXIT out there in the wilderness but we’ll ignore these extremist ideologues for the moment and focus on the overwhelming majority’s interest and what they support. What needs to happen right now is an agreement/understanding with the EU that if the existing agreement is rejected in Parliament the default would be continued British membership in the EU. Exiting the EU by falling off the cliff due to an “Oops Moment” is NOT an option and that needs to be as clear as a whistle. So for all you political geniuses in parliament there needs to be clarity on a Plan B post the December vote otherwise you will all be held accountable for risking the future of this country. Even the prospect of delaying this push for clarity to apply political pressure or merely for political posturing is unacceptable.

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