Jeremy Corbyn Seeks a TV Debate with Theresa May – How About the “Strictly Come Dancing” Show Instead?

An utterly useless opposition leader – with no Position except Opposition – now wants a TV debate with Theresa May despite them both seeking the same outcome; to bypass the voice of the British people on the BREXIT deal. May I recommend Mr. Corbyn taking Mrs. May as a dancing partner on the Strictly Come Dancing program; I am sure the sponsors would love to have you both on the show possibly with tap dancing as your first challenge. Let me tell you that despite all the political wrangling you both are of the same political mould, one that does not fit in this day-age. In fact the leadership across political parties needs a revamp to allow the new generation to start taking up lead roles to help shape their future from the front line. A big part of this BREXIT mess in my view is the rigid/archaic political mentality that is leading us to La La Land – we need new blood to lead – NOT from the back benches – but then they need to have the confidence/determination to kick the doors wide open otherwise it won’t happen. It’s NOT that we need more parties, rather we desperately need a stream of new/young politicians to lead as well as more Independents to be in Parliament. This is NOT new talk from me, in fact that’s something I called for when I was member in the Liberal Democrats at a time when party was considering Vince Cable as leader which I opposed for precisely this reason – here’s a link to search on some of the posts on this topic. Something I hope people would consider in the near future and observe what is indeed happening across Europe & Canada where the new generation is now holding key political positions. For now let’s focus/deal with this BREXIT mess where the voice representing what seems to be the majority of the British people has no representation in the British Parliament & leaders with no courage/sense of duty & integrity are more interested in upstaging each other in front of TV camera’s rather than directly facing the nation; and we can delay the conversation about the badly needed overhaul of our political structures for another day.

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