Chancellor Confirms BREXIT bad for the UK “Period” – But Let’s Have a Blast “Literally”

Today the British Chancellor – NOT Chinese, Somali, Indian or Brazilian mind you but British – says Britain will be worse off in all BREXIT scenarios. But come on people let’s ignore this fear mongering/scare tactics and “Get On with IT” irrespective of what “IT” really is or at least let’s get on with more debates, tweaks or even demand the EU give us that “Special” deal we long for because well we deserve it. “Fear mongering”“Scare tactics”..mmmm… they sound awfully familiar to ones used to deliver us this BREXIT mess. If I personally had to choose 1 thing to vote on it would NOT for BREXIT “In” or “Out” rather for a deliberate/transparent/fair process that delivers 1 thing and 1 thing only “Accountability” for politicians – both politically & legally – our masters (or dare I say Clowns) who got us into this mess because if we fail at “Accountability” we fail as a country at every level and in every department “Period”.

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Chancellor says UK will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios

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