Labour Seeking Article 50 Extension Until they Can Come Up with Plan B

The utterly useless/disgusting Labour leadership now seeks the assistance of the EU so as to allow them time to devise a Plan B BREXIT, really? I suspect the version of your next plan should be nearing the end of the English alphabet – so you’re pretty much at the Cliff Edge of your policy evolution.

I mentioned it before and I repeat it again and again; UK Labour is an opposition party with any true Opposition – or “Position” period just to make it simple. Their best hope for them is to form a formal coalition with the Conservative party – rather than a loose/informal one.

But then again with the all the gloom surrounding BREXIT there are still good options that can be pursued even with the EU on board – no extensions necessary, but time is running out, fast; this while our political masters don’t have a clue what to do, so my question to them would be; what kind of “masters” are you? 

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