Theresa May & the EU Agree a Deal for Britain – But Who’s Really Speaking for Britain (updated)

In a successful Sting Operation it seems that Theresa May and the EU agree a deal. The EU is happy, May is happy’ish but other than the fact that they’re the only ones in the room it’s plain sailing – or so they hope. This is the state of politics in Britain 2018 and some want us to “Just Get on with It”. Well let me tell those chunk of people that are supporting this slogan that if this is indeed the approach the only difference between an Autocracy (or call it a modern form of autocracy led my the political elite & special interest for all you techies out there) &  a Democracy in our case is that people willingly give the key of the political thrown to their political masters just to “Get on with It” rather than stand-up to defend what we thought was established Democratic principles – irrespective of political affiliation or position vis-a-vis BREXIT. In other words if a Democratic “Process” doesn’t account for much nowadays as I’ve previously mentioned in many posts and we’re being coerced to accept the current reality presented to us, well indeed let’s “Get on with It” because it seems that we need to re-learn our history and our values and more importantly we need to re-establish our Democratic credentials pure/simple. The other option of course is for us in the UK to have the privilege in shaping/defining the rules for this Modern day Autocracy, lets call its “GotOnWithOcracy; OK I get your point, I may not be good with names, but then fear NOT we can all have a public/transparent debate about it, I am sure the government would support that, right May?

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