BREXIT Flicks: The Runaway May is Still on Her Way

May still on her way to Brussels while the country remains as divided as ever. This BREXIT farce has seen more political ducking, scrambling, twists/turns and jumping ship that you can only witness is a lifetime – feels more like a sting operation rather than politics; this despite the fact that it’s a tremendously consequential debate that has yet to be resolved, so getting to the touchline in this manner is hardly any form of achievement in of itself. As a matter of fact it is for all intents and purposes a political disaster and what many BREXITEER’s know now is that they’ve willingly opened a can of worms and now they’re scrambling to get them back into the can. The only support base now seems to be from people fed up with the process and just want to “Get on with It”; really, that’s your clever little contribution to this important issue? As for our political geniuses in parliament & within the political establishment they’ve been hopelessly ineffective and are complacent when it comes to this BREXIT mess – in other words they are utterly clueless and have no business having the privilege of serving this country though they may have some talent serving a country club of sorts.

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