A BREXIT Nugget: The Prime Cheater Over the Heater

Theresa May, the Prime Cheater of this country continues to feel the heat NOT merely over BREXIT but over her leadership – or lack there of – from all sides of the debate. She’s become the most toxic/controversial element in this hole debate and it all started with triggering article 50 without sparing a moment to unite the country under a plan. It is quite laughable – though the situation is far from being funny – when she ducks questions about the possibility of her resignation if she fails to win parliamentary backing for the agreement. That’s the one thing she’s particularly good at; Ducking, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing for the last couple of years while morphing plans for BREXIT or going into a loose coalition after loosing the parliamentary majority or avoiding any form validation to her legitimacy/authority. In my view chucking her out of office is the first right step to fixing the mess she’s left us with. But to achieve this we need a vision forward and unity within the political establishment about the path forward. There are ways to fix this – it’s NOT too late – but it requires the 2 C’s; Compromise & Creativity. Let’s NOT accept the status quo either because we think we’re to far off into a flawed process to change course; this my friends is wrong on 2 counts; a) it’s never too late to change course and b) normalising this approach won’t fix BREXIT but will destroy our Democracy.

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