BREXIT: A Lesson in Illiberal Democracy (updated)

If we really want to unpack BREXIT as it’s being delivered in this form we realise that the process has been a subtle form of political suppression – nothing more/nothing less. We assumed in the NOT too distant past that our Democracy is unshakeable, but we now realise – if we take the politics out of the equation for a minute – that what we actually have is an Illiberal Democracy bordering on Autocracy albeit in a fancy form; but make no mistake about it. This precisely why the question of BREXIT transcends issues of economics, sovereignty, security and others. In simple terms BREXIT puts us at a crossroads when it comes to the question of Democratic governance. So process does actually matter quite a lot as I continue pointing out in my posts, definitely more than the details of BREXIT; which is why the government has been quite effective in diverting attention from the flawed process so that people are focused on the details of the deal rather than how we reached it. If we allow this farce to continue we cannot blame May, the EU or anyone else for this mess because we’ve been complacent in creating it. As I mentioned previously there are ways around this which I am happy to share with the political establishment if they would be interested; I have no political ambition, just trying to help because I believe we’re heading in south, fast.

Hope this helps.

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