Oh, My House of Lords

Today I had the opportunity to watch a brief portion of a debate entitled Civic Engagement in the House of Lords which covered among others things like Citizenship Education/Engagement; a very interesting subject matter and one that does need a serious/ongoing debate in both chambers. It then occurred to me why not, in the spirit/inline with this approach of civic engagement allow the UK Youth Parliament to be a permanent fixture within the House of Lords as an evolution of this chamber. It certainly provides an opportunity for the new generation to engage more directly in our Democratic process, gain the experience/engage with masters of the political craft in the House Lords and provides a generational linkage to our political tradition. I have to admit this is NOT a fully developed idea but one I believe worth exploring further. I hope that someone passionate about the subject like Lord David Blunkett or Lord Wallace of Saltaire can take this up and see if it leads somewhere.

Hope this helps.

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