The BREXIT Clean Bill of Health

We all know BREXIT is alive and kicking, big time. So every time it passes the smell test we want to bring it the fore so that people realise how lucky they are to be living/breathing the BREXIT experience. So – as if we didn’t know – we read about the coordination between the Steve Bannon & Inc and the BREXIT campaign management in the article below. I actually read an entire book on the subject more than a year ago, so no surprises from this end. But then again when we uncover the sources of funding/coordination we have a better understanding of the motivations. Combine that with the actual trajectory of BREXIT policy being made by this mob running the country then you get to the bull’s eye of the entire picture surrounding BREXIT. To them these are side issues that affect absolutely nothing; after all it’s NOT like it’s a crime to buy stolen goods, is it? My hope and my genuine expectation – BREXIT or NO BREXIT – is that Accountability (legal & political) eventually kicks into action in the NOT too distant future for this mess we’re going through so that these people currently enjoying the joy ride eventually come down to earth where we all live and follow the same rules we all follow.

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