May Playing the Immigration Card in seeking Compromise “from” the British People

I guess “Old tricks die hard” and when politicians are cornered they bring out their own rusty toolkit to defend their disastrous plans. Same scenario here with May brandishing the Immigration flag (really becoming more of a bone now rather than a flag) applying the old fear tactics to help defend the worst BREXIT agreement possible for this country. Why? Well because politicians with loose morals like the May Day Machine seeks compromise “from” the British people on what she deliberately designed to be a de facto decision (think NOT of having any say on our plans or leadership people just understand we want you to help us help you – makes sense?). Yet our genius politicians who oppose this rogue leadership have yet to come up with an effective/unified vision to rid the country of this disastrous trajectory this while BREXITEER hawks like Michael Gove and Liam Fox remain on board in an effort to steady the BREXIT At Any Cost Ship

Finally, a simple question; Who do you think predominantly uses the Immigration card as a fear tactic? Can you guess? Well when you find the answer you’ll know exactly where we’re heading as a country with the existing leadership in charge in shaping our future.

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