May & Corbyn Sharing The BREXIT Hammer

We hear that Theresa May is  expected to hammer out a framework for a future trade relationship in Brussels this week, before signing off the deal on Sunday. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand – possibly the same hand – is hammering out his own version of “economic transformation” post BREXIT. It turns out they’re both using the same hammer albeit in different colours; this is the shambolic state of the opposition party in Britain where the position continues to evolve in different directions yet seems to be the approach by-design as I mentioned in previous posts so as to confuse/avoid a political backlash while at the same time keeping the BREXIT hopes alive and well. This all translates to a novel situation where what seems to be the majority of BRITS – if recent polls are anything to go by – are without a voice in Parliament. As for CBI president John Allan’s call for MPs to back May’s deal – despite it not being “perfect”, let me suggest something I repeated in many previous posts; dragging the country by the throat to the finish line does NOT resolve BREXIT nor does it spell political and/or economic stability. As a matter of fact I find it quite amazing I need to make such a basic point for to the CBI President. What it does provide is a fallacy of a virtual finish line and yet a convenient window for businesses to jump the British ship.

Hope this helps but I suspect it won’t.

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