Theresa May Deserves Nothing Less Than Being Chucked from Office

Having just listened to Theresa May’s press conference I am very happy to hit the mark when I mentioned in previous posts like this one that she deserves nothing less than being chucked from office. It turns out she’s moving in that same direction – is it telepathy you think? Whatever it is she has proved to be the most toxic element on our political ecosystem and the not too distant future will demonstrate just how corrupt/toxic she really is. But let’s NOT wait that long to put her out of “our” misery. BREXITEERS on the other hand will move us at the deeper end of her path so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen either. What we need is a uniting figure to help unite this country and ensure that there are compromise options (in/out) and allow the people’s voice is be heard without obstacles. Here is a one approach I mentioned some time ago.

Hope this helps!

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  1. What was really telling was that moment of silence after her speech when it seemed that even the attending media personnel were expecting more from her considering the dire position she’s facing. Even May herself was surprised that no questions were thrown at her immediately on completing the speech. Well let me tell you Mrs. May you’re NOT half as surprised as we all are with you leading us; a fluke that turned out to be an utter disaster for this great country.

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