The Genius of Theresa May: Securing a Comprise Agreement with the EU Before Securing A Compromise National Policy on BREXIT

Here is the ultimate failure of the geniuses driving this government top-down; the perception that when the country is split on such an important/consequential issue, they can impose policy – not even a well defined/consistent one at that rather one that continued to be morphed just so as to reach the signing date. Well, now that we’re indeed approaching the signing date yet BREXIT is far from being resolved however many signatures you can add to it. I also think it was a mistake for the EU to continue wasting time/effort/resources on negotiations with this government when they know full well that considering the deep divide in the country over BREXIT, they will be in the firing line from all sides and it is unlikely any agreement can hold in this situation. The silver lining in all of this is the fact that this can be considered a lesson for history on how NOT to conduct multinational negotiations.

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  1. Having just listened to Theresa May’s press conference I am very happy to hit the mark when I mentioned in previous posts like this; that she deserved nothing less than being chucked from office. It turns out she’s moving in that same direction – is it telepathy you think? Whatever it is she has proved to be the most toxic element on our political ecosystem and the not too distant future will demonstrate just how corrupt/toxic she really is. But let’s NOT wait that long to put her out of “our” misery.

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