A Danish Minister Leads by Example

I totally support/commend Ulla Tørnæs the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation for her stance in withholding the aid to Tanzania for homophobic comments from local politicians. This should be the example to be followed by European leaders throughout the world not limited in topic, region or funding approach. In other words we need more – not less – ethical policies be it on the national of international level because it’s NOT just about doing what we preach, but equally important is setting the standards when it comes to basic values like Human Rights; these cannot continue to be treated as matters of luxury for those who can afford it. With a persistent/consistent approach in this direction others will eventually follow. Why is it so important; well because we know that the alternative of turning a blind eye translates to an unstable/conflict oriented world for all the echo’s of which are becoming ever louder at home.

What do you think?

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