BREXIT Flicks: The Need for a Permanent Resolution to the EU-UK Question (updated)

My views on BREXIT are quite clear if you’ve been following my posts on this topic. But beyond the views of PRO or ANTI BREXIT what is vital is that any half-baked solution that translates to having to go through this process again or the potential of the continued morphing of BREXIT,  that I do not support and I believe it is in neither party’s interest short-medium or long term. In other words if some BREXITEERS feel that the current agreement is the worst of both worlds and as such would be happy to flip sides on that basis – as I’ve seen suggested in the news media by some – this essentially means we’re likely to hit this brick wall again in the future. On the other hand if we do need to go through the BREXIT experience so that we resolve this question once and for all about the importance of the EU to the UK then so be it, and let’s go through that experience. So to make it short/sweet our membership in the EU has to be through 100% commitment to this important trade/political block and NOT because it’s the less worst option otherwise we’ll always be on the brink of another BREXIT run and we’ll always be the weakest link for the EU. The important thing though – as I mentioned in a previous post – is that the public must have the final say on this or any other deal.

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