Holy BREXIT! A BREXIT Deal Designed as a “Save Face” for Theresa May and Pretty Much Nothing Else

Having gone through some of the details coming out of this deal I can confidently say that this is indeed a deal achieved by the government “clowns” as a save face for Theresa May while everyone else goes under the bus, BREXITEER’s, Remainers, and more importantly the country. The reason for this mess is in fact quite simple and something I’ve mentioned in many previous posts; once you design a flawed/non-inclusive process from the outset and put party/ideology over country you will never achieve a stable agreement or sufficient unity throughout the country for any deal achieved – never mind that this impacts the country for generations to come. A flawed process results in a flawed outcome and focusing solely on the nitty-gritty details leads pretty much nowhere. So the expectation from this end is that the mess will continue on it’s course while the country as whole will continue to pay the price at so many levels and with a  transition period only serving as a convenient timeline for business who will seek to exit the UK. As for the EU let me suggest that any deal with the current weak/unpopular British government translates to continued uncertainty of it’s relationship with their neighbour across the channel (and potentially increased animosity with share the blame game) particularly that many remain unsatisfied with the outcome – so in a nutshell nothing solved but an agreement that gives more headache and sets a bad precedent for customised EU exit deals which ultimately weakens the Union.

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