A BREXIT Nugget: News of a Deal? Is this Real?

Now that we’ve finally reached an outcome for these BREXIT negotiations though details have yet to be revealed, a few questions that need to be asked including;

  1. How is this deal better than the status quo – line by line – in terms of the economic, political and security ties with the EU as well as on immigration policies and our ability to influence decisions that ultimately affect these areas?
  2. What are the financial costs of the deal – not just the BREXIT bill but rather the implications of this flawed/lengthy process on our economy and major industries not to mention a prolonged transition period? Equally important how do we ensure accountability for the gross mismanagement by this government in triggering article 50 with no viable plan for BREXIT which resulted in this lengthy process and the squandering of potentially billions of pounds or are our political masters exempt from these checks?
  3. How do we guarantee that the British people that triggered BREXIT – albeit through a flawed referendum – are able to have their say on the agreement reached, directly particularly with what we are all witnessing in terms of a broken political system with a parliament divided across the middle irrespective of party line – where the line doesn’t even exist?
  4. Finally, if this deal is indeed the icing on the cake as some may suggest, do we really trust the current government to be in charge of the implementation process with it’s lousy track record or would it be time for a unity government to take charge at this critical stage.

What we do know for a fact is that we are being dragged through a flawed process that is driven in the main by Ideology, Party Politics and Ego rather than Pragmatism; and unfortunately our future is at stake. But then again it is ultimately our choice in allowing this farce to continue and if you’re thinking our headache is now over, close your eyes, take a deep breath and think harder (you might as well think of England too)!

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