Another Victory for the Alt-Right in Brazil which Raises a Question

Sad to see Brazil voting in an alt-right ideologue as their new President but then again unlike the flawed electoral process baked into the United States’s electoral legislation this seems to be a public revolt against corruption coupled with what seems to be a growing trend where religious groups in Brazil and elsewhere – like Poland – are increasingly influencing the political eco system – something we never imagined could happen in this day/age. It seems, sadly, that regimes in Middle East are now becoming the model for governance in many countries in Europe, the U.S. and now Latin America….wow.  I just hope that eventually people begin to realise that pragmatic policy is the only way forward and that can only happen with centrist leaning parties/policy so long as these exist and have the right leadership in place; this not to mention the need for a new/inclusive/less divisive politics. What does concern me though is the state of Foreign Policy, International Treaties/Norms established over decades not to mention the impact on policies affecting global trade that are likely affected by such drastic changes in governance particularly in nations of influence. These changes as we’ve been witnessing in the last couple of years translates to increasing likelihood of conflicts and trade wars – where Nationalism “attempts” to replace Globalism – that won’t work though it will cause major fractures in the Global system which we’ll need a few more decades to overcome. I only raise this question but unfortunately I have no answer, though I figure it may be necessary now to agree on a framework to protect these elements of international relations and seek an approach that helps minimise the influence of such changes. I suspect that a big part of the solution are regional trade blocks that now need to be the driving power that helps collaboratively regulate these forces as potentially a new model for Globalisation.

Hope his helps.

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