A BREXIT Nugget: Merkel’s Election Setbacks vs. May’s Election Workarounds

Let me first point out that I’ve made a conscious decision to keep policy related blogs short/simple to avoid diluting the message and save time/effort. So here goes;

We hear today of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s election setbacks which have led to her decision to end her party’s leadership by December 2018 and as German chancellor as of 2021. I’ve always admired Chancellor Merkel and seen her as in many ways a model European leader and this decision she’s made at the back of these election set backs did nothing but reinforce this view because in my mind Integrity is one of the key character traits of a true leader. Here in Britain on the other hand we see the head of a corrupt clan who after the humiliating setback in the last parliamentary election in 2017 – which is seen as a blowback for the flawed process she presided upon –  was keen to move election results to the blind spot while plowing ahead with a flawed process and miserably failing to unite the country. She can’t even dance and totally destroyed one of my favourite ABBA tunes (sorry ABBA she literally Can’t Dance!) ;

As I’ve always mentioned in previous posts Theresa May is a stain on our Democracy and a dark chapter in the history of this great country. I only hope she & her team will eventually be held accountable for the disastrous process that is undermining our Democracy and endangering our future.

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