Trump & BREXIT: An Opportunity to Change or a Trend to Continue (updated)

National Solutions rely on Global Solutions so let’s keep this in mind next time we debate national policy. 

Fidelito's Blog

Of course we all know that Democracy is an imperfect system, so it follows that is needs to be allowed the space//time to evolve. But this should NOT imply that we should be passive about it’s evolution – which in my view is the reason for the mess we see around us; rather this has to a controlled/deliberate evolution taking into account among other things lessons learnt from the past. The main problem we see today is that fact that people by and large still seem quite oblivious to the extent of the threats to our Democracy and overall security we face today from the Trump & BREXIT Syndromes (2 faces of the same coin). This threat is not merely a question of values or issue of governance but rather a question of National Identity,Security and Development in the face of Trade Wars, Global Lawlessness, Racism

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