CNN is Off the Mark Again, with Dana Bash’s Interview with Senator Susan Collins

Another sad day for CNN one that demonstrates without question that utter sloppiness in news organisations nowadays. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that Jon Stewart arrived at many years ago – clip below – about how the so called Liberal media is more about sloppy journalism/reporting whereas right wing media like Fox News it is more of an idealogical/alt-right Infection Machine, both representing a fundamental weakness to our society and the values we preach.

Now back to the subject of the post which is the clip below of the interview with Senator Susan Collins about her decision to support Britt Kavanaugh as a Judge to the Supreme Court. Here’s the line of questioning which in of itself undermines the arguments of Democrats when it comes to the selection process;

  1. The very first question; Was there a moment when you were actually thinking I am a no? Really? First this is largely irrelevant and 2nd it’s a clear “gotcha” question that seems to focus on the decision rather than the arguments; no wonder some feel CNN as biased, but I do agree with Jon Stewart it is more just sloppy journalism.
  2. The 2nd question is quite confusing as it starts by acknowledging that Senator Collins speech on the Senator floor about her decision was detailed – which it was – then using that as an argument to point that others use it as proof of her merely giving the false pretence of being independent on this issue rather than following party line. That doesn’t really make sense and journalists should make/represent effective arguments and not just blindly follow views on either side.
  3. The point blank question that’s being repeated again and again – stupidly I might add – is whether people believe Dr. Ford or NOT as a determinant factor about their decision whether or NOT to back Brett Kavanaugh. It should be obvious to the blind that in a Democracy it is NOT a question of Who you believe and more a question of Why you believe in terms of evidence. Then the obvious kickback from Republicans is a short lecture on the Presumption of Innocence, so they score here not based on merit of their argument in backing his candidacy but again due to sloppy journalism and sloppy politics when this same argument is raised by Democrats. In other words when people complain about the content of Kavanaugh prepared speech in the Senate as proof of bias, one can equally complain that these prepared questions by reporters is proof of a sloppy media organisations.
  4. The question about why Senator Collins criticised Covfefe in his speech about Dr. Ford should really be quite obvious that it’s a matter of the lack of respect he demonstrated in mocking her testimony not questioning the evidence or lack there of.
  5. The question about Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament was indeed a step in the right direction but with the way it was pursued it was more like half a step, because the argument used by Republicans that he was merely defending himself was not pushed based on for 2 facts;  a) it was a prepared statement and  b) going into a political rant and making allegations with “NO evidence” is key to this issue of his utter unsuitability for such an important role. One can actually argue that this was the ultimate test of his suitability on that front. 
  6. Finally the questions relating to views of pressure groups or demonstrators is completely irrelevant to Senator Collins views – and so it should because politicians should follow their own views on issues rather than blindly following the trend.

Again I repeat; in my view the only 2 main issues with this Kavanaugh selection are;

a) The question of Temperament as I mentioned on the same day of his Senate hearing in response to these allegations and

b) The question of Process when it comes to investigating the allegations – NOT the amount of time which has been agreed by all sides – but about the lack of clarity of what the investigation covers which was a loophole used by the Republicans – that’s the real travesty of the situation – anything else is just irrelevant noise; not even do his views on main political issues count at this stage.

Let me also suggest that the selection of Kavanaugh in of itself won’t be the end of the story because I believe that media will pursue this story – rightly so in my view –  to get to the truth of the matter which will inevitably affect the work of this important body and become an ongoing headache and if in doubt just look at Covfefe’s election and where we are with his own headaches.

Finally let me just say that a big part of the problem we face today in terms of political divisiveness it is due media’s approach towards news; some dress up the news in ideological covers while others like CNN are just being sloppy and driven by sensationalism. In the old days we used to call this situation Absurd, but we’re slowly coming to the conclusion that this situation is more like Dangerous short, medium and long term so when will we seriously begin looking into this?    

The Jon Stewart interview that unpacks the Media environment that we live in – you won’t have to wait too long in the interview to see the beginning of that discussion.

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