The Questions that were NOT Answered by Senator Lindsey Graham because they were simply NOT Asked

A very interesting/revealing interview with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham which I would encourage watching. There are many questions that were asked and ones that were left out. As a non-American the reason I follow closely U.S. politics is simply because political precedence/ideology has a bad habit of spreading either intentionally or otherwise. We also know to a large extent how the BREXIT campaign during the 1st Referendum was being “infected” by through ideology and coordination with the Trump election campaign of 2016 and I suspect the work continues to this day. Another reason is because I have been shaped through education and previous work experience with the U.S. tradition particularly when it relates to work ethics and values of Democracy. So let me put some brief comments on this interview;

  1. During the interview the Senator was asked about the selection of Merrick Garland and the way it was held back by Republicans. The reason he gave which we’ve heard plenty before is the matter of Precedence/Tradition when it comes to electing a Supreme Court judge during an election year. That’s actually a very good answer. However the follow up question should have been this; what precisely has Precedence/Tradition got to do with the current President of the United States NOT revealing his tax returns? As a matter of fact what has Precedence/Tradition got to do with the emoluments clause in the U.S. constitution relating to this President’s business or the hiring relatives to take on major positions in the administration? What about sexual allegations against the U.S. President himself, or the firing of people involved in his own investigation? It used be said that the Republican party was indeed the party of Precedence/Tradition is this accurate and is it still the case?
  2. When it comes to the questions surrounding Judge Kavanaugh & Dr. Fords testimony, what does it say about your own sense of duty/fairness when in an interview on Fox News you’ve been clear about not allowing the accusations to ruin a mans life even before Dr. Ford’s testimony?
  3. As for your outburst during the Senate hearing I do believe it was indeed genuine and not as an act to please Trump and actually that’s still a problem and here’s why; the mere fact that you’ve been an attorney, judge and now serving in Congress does not automatically translate to having the temperament/judgement needed to serve. Indeed we all make mistakes and one of your mistakes is this outburst which is largely due to the fact of the long relationship you’ve talked about with Judge Kavanaugh which clearly does affect your own judgement. Is this a valid argument, Judge? 
  4. Finally we you keep complaining about the process pursued by Democrats in revealing information about Dr. Ford – which I agree deserves answers, do you and your colleagues have any comment on the process your Senate Majority leader is currently pursuing to have a vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh as Supreme Court judge and this before the facts are in from the FBI investigation? What about your own view that if the confirmation fails for any reason the President needs to reconfirm his nomination once again – which ties back to point 3?
  5. Finally are you/your colleagues serving as a base for Trump or a base for the American people?    

Here’s the thing as I mentioned before, I do NOT see Trump or his public base as anything but a symptom. The real problem lies squarely in Congress (not to mention biased news outlets like the Fox Galaxy) and for us here in the UK the British Parliament then trickles down to the public where we all feed off this same vile political environment. So let’s start by fixing the politics at the top of the pyramid so that we can all protect our Democracy – an imperfect system but one that served us well and needs to be allowed to evolve rather than stagnate/erode; one way this happens is by injecting the political system with a stream of new/uninfected blood where the new generation takes the lead in fixing the mess we find ourselves in and start shaping their future on more solid ground based on a new vision moving forward NOT backward.

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