Donald Trump The Sick Man Just Got Sicker and the Vulnerabilities of Governance

In a recent rally in Mississippi Donald Trump mocks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony. Now the idea that Donald Trump is mentally sick is something we can pretty much conclude from his temperament and lack of mental abilities. However when this retard starts mocking a sexual assault victim this is a different level of vile behaviour altogether. And what blew me away is watching while he was making these despicable comments a women behind him standing/waving a sign saying “Women for Trump”; I do hope someone in the media can pick this up and interview this lady cause I’d really like to see/listen to her views. But beyond all that and more importantly this situation reminds me of a statement in an interview with former President Barack Obama about the need to restrain the Commander in Chief through some form of Legal Architecture – as he put it –  when it comes to the decision to go to war. While this indeed does make a lot of sense, what I feel is needed more urgently is a Legal Architecture to prevent leaders from the abuse of power that has infected our Democratic system of governance not just in the United States but here in Britain as well and I am sure in many other European countries; leaders should NOT be above the law or be treated any differently from ordinary citizens “period”. Democracy is slowly being morphed into something indistinguishable from Autocracy beyond the freedom of speech element and in particular when it relates to the privileges of the ruling class vis-a-vis the electorate. In dictatorships religion is sometimes promoted/utilised to divert the attention from the political elite and pacify their approach towards issues of governance and the abuse of power; what we seem to have in the West is a similar situation where there are plenty of political restraints to hold politicians accountable when they abuse their powers while freedom of speech is used as a way for people to vent their anger without really affecting decisions when it comes for corruption/abuse of power by political elites. So in my view this a question that goes way beyond Donald Trump and BREXIT and to the heart of our system of governance and it’s future – and by extension our own future. It doesn’t actually matter if you’re on a high or a low when it comes to your political affiliations because tables tend to turn relatively quickly, so the ultimate losers are all of us if we allow this situation to continue without a complete/methodical overhaul to our system of governance particularly at this day/age when political partisanship is on the rise and our Democracy is under attack not only from adversaries but from within.

Finally and to be fair I also don’t like the way Brett Kavanaugh is being mocked in chat shows in the United States which I also think is disgusting. In my first post after his Senate hearing on these allegations I mentioned that in my view he seemed quite unfit as a character to hold the important position of a Judge on the Supreme Court, but he should not be treated as a punching bag by the so – called Liberal Media; there ain’t nothing Liberal about this approach either and we all seem to be feeding off this vile political environment which is precisely why we need to fix it urgently.
This is not my first post about issues of governance and I suspect it won’t be my last. I also welcome contributions on this topic to post on this site.
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