A BREXIT Nugget: The Big Stunt of Hunt Gets a Punt in the “Behunt” 

Today the “Special One” Jeremy Hunt compares the EU to the Soviet Union, a comment to which EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas responded: “I would say respectfully that we would all benefit, and in particular foreign affairs ministers, from opening a history book from time to time.” But with all due respect Mr. Schinas going through the history books is much too time consuming for a busy man like Mr. Hunt; someone with exceptional expertise/career path as Minister of  Olympics, Media Culture and Health all combined to  develop this exceptional Foreign Affairs Hawkish – so please don’t mess around with him. 

All what I would say myself to answer Mr. Hunt is this; “while it’s truly encouraging that you feel confident enough to criticise the EU’s Democratic values/processes you may find it more useful to begin by fixing your own Democratic Messopotamia at home then maybe we can talk“.

Oh dear Mr. Hunt, you really are a Special Case – but all you really need is a Quite/Empty Space to protect us as a country from Your Pretty Devastating Face.

But with all that said, I reiterate my view which I mentioned in a previous post – link below – and if anything, recent developments is proof of the relevance of this view which is this; a prolonged negotiation process is damaging relations between the UK and the EU, so we’re at a stage where we truly need a final (take it or leave it offer) because once the end game is clear politicians will need to face up to the reality of the situation and NOT delay it or pass the blame around – a stage where party politics won’t count for much and politicians from all sides will need to face the nation – so NO Party Politics, NO EU/UK Confrontation rather it comes down to Face the Nation time.    

Hope this helps!

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