The world’s leaders may regret laughing at Donald Trump; So Says Nic Robertson of CNN

I came across this “interesting” article on the CNN website – link below, a news organisation I do respect – though I do have many reservations about some of their reporting standards. I also have to say that I do also respect Nic Robertson as a serious reporter but then when you read an article like that one cannot help but feel totally bemused. I am truly not sure if it’s work related pressure compounded with a bit of Analysis/Paralysis syndrome that triggered this article or maybe Political Analysis is NOT your thing Nic with all due respect but to me the main thrust of this article is ludicrous and here’s why;

  1. I am not sure but have you noticed that many of the world leaders are already under fire – particularly allies. So if this the state of affairs right now without a scintilla of laughter do you actually think world leaders have reason to trust the politics of Covfefe let alone his mental state whether ally or foe.
  2. More importantly let me suggest to you that most of Covfefe’s politics – if one can call them that – are driven more by reactionary impulses directed mainly to his base and nothing to do with actions or “laughters” of other and here are a few examples;
    1. Trade wars with China, Russia, Canada and the EU all in 1 bucket and mainly without warning – possibly just tweeting.
    2. Strategy inconsistency between the stance on Iran and North Korea
    3. The Mexico Wall Syndrome   
    4. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change 

We’re all these leaders laughing?? 

What I would say though about the “Laughter” part is that allies in particular should indeed stop laughing at Covfefe and start systematically/effectively confronting each of his controversial decisions so that he can take a bit of a break from laughter himself – but I repeat something I always mention; this is NOT about the United States rather it’s about this vile administration that needs to learn that unlike national policy Foreign Policy & International Agreements/Trade are mainly driven by the collective will of the International Community and are not controlled by a partisan Congress or any Congress for that matter – a Global system that the United States itself helped devise but now seems intent on destroying – but mark my words as a layman political blogger it ain’t gonna happen”.  

Hope this helps.

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The world’s leaders may regret laughing at Donald Trump

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