The Weekend BREXIT Mini Nugget: Prime Minister Questions (my own PMQs)

The Weekend BREXIT Mini Nugget: 3 Simple PMQs so as NOT to Confuse

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We continue to hear promises/commitments for a swift BREXIT irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations. On the flip side what we’re seeing in terms of actual developments is an entirely different picture. So without repeating myself from previous posts on the subject and to cut off all the noise surrounding the question of BREXIT what I would like to know is a few things from Theresa May particularly considering the significance of BREXIT on this country for generations to come:

  1. How much money has been squandered thus far in this BREXIT process and what have been the effects on the economy – in specifics please – and more importantly who will eventually pick up the bill ?
  2. What are the specific definitions for a successful delivery of BREXIT as well as definitions of failure both including effects on trade/economy, future relationship with the EU, borders, currency, immigration etc. and…

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