An Emotional Testimony in Congress; What Does it Say?

Let me suggest to all members of Congress that they should treat Dr. Ford NOT only with Respect – that’s easy – but follow her example when it comes to Duty to Country, cause if they had an iota of such a sense of Duty America would not be in this political quagmire it’s currently facing.

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A very emotional day for both the sexual assault accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaghthe Supreme Court Nominee; I truly felt they both had a tough ride and felt sorry for them both. However I do think the that Dr. Ford came across as quite a measured/credible witness with no political motivations and at the very least these accusations merited a proper investigation, particularly considering what she’s been through; you can read about sexual assault cases all you like but when you actually see/listen to someone who’s gone through the experience and able to articulate it so vividly it’s a different thing altogether. More importantly despite the passionate testimony of Brett Kavanaugh during the hearing for me he comes across as someone utterly unfit – on a personal & professional level – to be a Judge at the “Highest Court in the Land” as they call it…

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