Just a Thought: How Conflicts Touch Lives

I thought to share a clip of a program by DW TV with incredible/emotional stories of how conflict – largely created through outside political interference – has touched the lives of so many in the Middle East. This is by no means being critical of the creation of the state of Israel, rather the way it was done and there is plenty of blame to share on all sides. What we see here more than anything else is a closeup view of the human price that has/continues to be paid in the name of nationalism & political pride. More importantly it demonstrates in my mind how segregation through religion is incompatible with the long history in the Middle East. It is certainly important to have a Jewish state but it is equally important that Arab Jews as well as Arab Christians have the freedom and support to live in their homeland without fear of persecution/discrimination – it is in fact the way it was and has been an enriching factor socially/culturally and economically. Any other approach is potentially harmful and only leads to extremist religious ideology to fester and destabilise the region as we’ve seen/continue to witness in many corners of the region. A region with so much resources & talent has much more to offer in the old template of social composition/integration. It may well be difficult to erase years of conflict/antagonism but if this page is finally turned and this previous model of coexistence is re-modelled/re-imagined this can indeed open the tremendous potential for this great region and be a considered a win-win proposition. That is what I would call The Real Solution in my view and I can only hope that a new generation of politicians without the baggage of history/personal suffering can make this happen – or something similar. They just need the freedom of Thought/Imagination.

Just a thought.

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