A BREXIT Nugget: The “Twist Again” Party Twists Again!

A few days ago we hear one party leader suggest a 2nd Referendum is only acceptable if Option to Remain was NOT an Option, then a few days ago – sorry it was actually that same day by the way – we hear another party leader suggest that option to Remain would in fact “Remain”. Today we have the leader in a nutshell suggesting that “all options” will on the table” including backing a special BREXIT on Labours terms; quite a wide “initiative” of a policy that what one can call an “Open Table Policy”. So the Vision that’s seems to be coming out of the Labour party is this; anything goes but the existing government plan for BREXIT. And then as a follow up the Icing on the Cake of this Grand Visiona vision some would say mainly composed of hot air and plenty of mist – the leader of Labour suggests that if MP’s vote down the government’s BREXIT deal he would “ask” for calling a General Election – but here it gets complicated for a layman like me and here would be my questions; 

  1. Where does the 2nd Referendum come into play? We keep hearing that Labour is Open for a 2nd Referendum, but when does it actually Open or is part of the “Open Table Policy”? Just for clarity really, nothing else.
  2. Where does Labour stand on BREXIT? Is there any position we should know about? Later…..right? I knew it, OK at least we’re learning the approach.
  3. More importantly how do political parties take on positions prior to a proper debate/analysis of BREXIT based on facts/realities something that has not happened in the previous Referendum? Do we go through this vicious cycle again? Did you enjoy it that much? Do you think we should consider the ongoing impact on country or this delayed planning useful? What do you think? Please try to THINK, it may be painful at first but you may get the hang of it.
  4. As a follow on from point 3 how do we ensure politics/ideology do not stain the debate.  

(*) As a layman I proposed a solution to the above issues sometime ago in a post linked below. Don’t use it just think about the process more seriously and STOP looking at the politics of this thing – it’s NOT about party anymore because the country is HURTING!

So let’s be honest Mr. Corbyn the “Open Table Policy” is NOT a policy in fact it translates to a very popular political phenomenon I’ve talked about plenty which is Vote over Vision (i.e. follow the Vote where they lead and lead from behind).  If you consider this leadership sir you should consider starting your political career all over again. In fact what I saw in the speech today is great passion but as far as substance is concerned pertaining to the most important issue on the table for this country (BREXIT) – not your Open Table of course – it contained zilch. So for all Labour members out there who attended the conference today; have a Party with plenty of fun – enjoy the day cause as far as I can tell it’s been more of a social gathering you’ve had today so don’t forget to share some photo’s on Instagram, Facebook and possibly Twitter.

PS: Sorry I missed mentioning your statement suggesting that UK Labour is now ready to govern. Of course I’ll keep that thought in my “Open Door Closet!”

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