The Collapse of the American Empire?

A very interesting interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges about his new book; America: The Farewell Tour which I thought would be interesting to share. My own take away from this interview is more of a  reaffirmation of my opinion that the current state of affairs in the U.S. is one that is contagious whether it involves corporate powers controlling public policy, the war on facts, the rise of the vile alt-right ideology and the changes we see in evangelical right – see link below – the among others. It is therefore quite crucial for Europe & the West in general not just to take notice – we’ve all noticed by now thanks very much – but to take action to immunise from the rippling waves crossing the Atlantic by actively defending/protecting the hard earned values of Democratic/Liberal governance as I eluded to in many previous posts including the one with the link below; the America we see now with this administration is a case to be studied/learned from as opportunity not to be missed. A fundamental aspect of these protections which I’d like to highlight briefly here is the protection against Disinformation in any form which should be penalised proportionally to the level of the threat it poses; in other words our legislation needs to keep up with the advanced threats that comes with technology and the Internet because Disinformation has the capacity to destroy nations from within. But it’s not only a matter that concerns the public and technology, there also needs be accountability for public servants when they engage knowingly in these kinds of actions; after all we don’t want Con Artist to take charge of shaping our future, do we Covfefe?

Anyway I do hope you all think it an interview worthy of your time.

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