A BREXIT Nugget: Pull the Plug Off the BREXIT Negotiations

Now here’s an interesting proposition – OK I think so anyway though some would consider it on the extreme side of the spectrum – but here it is;  “if” this political shenanigans continues to drive the BREXIT process in the UK, I would actually consider it best to terminate the negotiations if there continues to be a deadlock and here’s the reasoning;

  1. The lack of authority of the British so called “government” and it’s utter incompetence in representing….well anything – is crystal clear for all to see – and has in large part been the main cause of the toxic negotiating environment with the EU something that is likely to affect relations with the EU post a deal/no-deal BREXIT.
  2. The harm from endless negotiation with no resolution in sight is harmful to the EU itself because if anything it demonstrates the opposite of what EU officials are preaching in terms of firmness to stand for up for EU’s interests as devised by many including the UK itself. Not to mention that the more toxic negotiations become, the more reactionary statements grows louder from within the EU which in my view creates divisions and more importantly creates a bad precedence.
  3. If there is this potential of ending negotiations then both parties will be forced to face up to their own set of challenges and take responsibility for it – particularly the UK – so decisions are no longer delayed and politicians will need to face up to reality while no longer having the luxury of the blame game – it’s time for a reality check now for the whole country.

Note that ending the negotiations does not necessarily need to be translated to BREXIT but to anything politicians want – because with it is the deadline for BREXIT which continues to stand – that is the marker that is constant – unless of course there is a change of heart.

I believe that sometimes in politics one needs to consider taking drastic actions not driven by short term gains but rather by long term objectives.


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