A BREXIT Nugget: Theresa May’s Negotiating Tactic’s of Elastics

Brexit was sold by ‘liars’ and Britain’s exit plan is unworkable, May is told. Unfortunately you’re speaking to the wrong person President Macron!

Fidelito's Blog

Now I am trying really hard to avoid the temptation about writing more on BREXIT; I have through previous blogs made what I believe to a viable case for the only choices we may have and the narrowing window of opportunity; there’s NOT really much I can add. However, when the absurdity reaches a certain level I find it difficult to maintain silence – not good for my health 🙂 So today when we listen to Theresa May suggesting she know’s a thing or to about Negotiating Tactics when it comes to the BREXIT negotiations  I find it shocking that she has the courage to make such a bold statement with all the shambles we know so far – probably more to come because I trust her in that sense. The only way this would be an acceptable statement is if we were some how in a coma for the…

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