A BREXIT Nugget: The Art of the “No Deal” Deal (updated)

BREXIT – if it happens – will NOT be the end but merely the end of the beginning for the “government”, the Conservative Party and the country’s problems.

Fidelito's Blog

We keep hearing that great slogan from the “so-called” government in Britain that a “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”, a common sense principle that has been overstretched to beyond the limits “just to capture our Imagination away from the reality of the Negotiation, and here’s why; this principle we use in normal life when we try to get a good deal for say buying a house where it gives us leverage because the seller knows full well we can walk away with the knowledge that “we will not be adversely affected if we choose to do so”; and here lies the key difference that morphed this principle into something it was never meant to be.  The reality of the situation here is that we know – and more importantly the EU knows – full well that the adverse effects will be more profound…

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