BREXIT Flicks: Keeping Theresa May Warm & Comfy 

Theresa May gets to keep her comfy Chair, while the country is in utter Despair, now how the heck can that possibly be Fair?

Fidelito's Blog

Theresa May says a no-deal Brexit ‘wouldn’t be the end of the world’. Of course TM a No Deal BREXIT is NOT the end of the World; as a matter of fact why the hell waste time negotiating further; let’s just call it quits to save a quid or 2 cause we may – just may – need it and if it turns out we have too much quid we’ll just have some fun. And please do remember TM we’re all here to help keep your buns warm & comfy in No. 10, so if you need a Take Away or the heating system is out or if you require any other assistance call on the people and we’ll be there for you cause you’re our master and we’re chained to you; so if we happen to go off board we can at least drown together “peacefully”. TM let…

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