Member of the Good Old ButHeads (GOB) Party Calls Off a Butthead, Really?

A retired U.S. Admiral rebukes the ButHead in Chief sometimes known as Covfefe!

Fidelito's Blog

Now that’s a novel approach for a member of Congress to call of a former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency a Butthead – we’re talking about the US CIA here; and that’s not even taking into account an impeccable career of John Brenann spanning 25 years in service at the CIA. It is yet another proof that the real ButHead’s (no misspelling here) seem to find a comfortable/welcoming home at the Republican GOB Party. And by the way mr. Kennedy – sad to see your last name associated with a great leader like JFK – let me tell you; no one should certainly be above politics, but sir you and your colleagues are way beneath politics it would take years of drilling with heavy duty equipment to set you free.

Anyway, please enjoy yourself with your colleagues and have a ButHead bash cause I truly believe that…

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