BREXIT Flicks: Trade Wars in the Context of BREXIT

BREXIT: Falling Off The Cliff Safely & Pointlessly.

Fidelito's Blog

The mere occurrence of the trade/economic warfare nowadays particularly when propagated by and an unstable leader – sorry Covfefe – irrespective of where they lead demonstrates in no uncertain terms why Great Britain (including “England” just for those who believe we’re loosing our English “identity”) needs to be part of the EU and it’s precisely why our adversaries would like us to cut from the the Union. But then again it is NOT only a question of Economics but equally important a question of Liberal/Democratic Values/Traditionswhich are now under threat all over the world. This is truly NOT fear-mongering as some would like us to believe, but rather a reality check of a world that is changing fast and needs some powerful levers to guide us through difficult times – likely to continue for some time. Leaving the EU at this stage would be like an election…

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