A BREXIT Nugget: The Question of Identity & A Nation Divided (updated)

The Question of “Identity” and how it reflects on the way the BREXIT campaign was framed during the Referendum.

Fidelito's Blog

I came across a very interesting lecture by Prof John Denham, former Labour MP in Speaker’s House at the House of Commons on June 27th. Having read the complete transcript let me suggest it is certainly worth a read – links below of video & transcript. The lecture itself is quite long for me to comment on each element, suffice to say there are areas of agreement and quite a few points I completely disagree with. So I will summaries based on my understanding  the main takeaways from from this lecture, then I’ll be briefly comment on these elements and people can make their own judgement;

Lecture Takeaways

  1. Prof. Denham suggests that there is big difference between being English vs. the being British and how we perceive ourselves as belonging more to one more than the other; one’s that are more inclined to socially conservative values (English)and the…

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