A BREXIT Nugget: To Bluff or NOT to Bluff this is the Real Bluff…..What?

Call it Quits if you can afford to back up Courage with Action or “Bluff Away” Mr David Davis & Mr. Fox cause you ain’t fooling no one!

Fidelito's Blog

Let me start by putting some context here so we can to try and make sense of the situation cause it is a bit confusing;

  1. On July 20Michel Barnierwarns EU to step up NO DEAL BREXIT preparation
  2. On July 22Dominic Raab the then” new BREXIT Secretary criticises Michel Barnierfor his “irresponsible” statement about BREXIT in STEP 1 – as mentioned in this post
  3. TodayDavid Davis, the “then” “then” BREXIT Secretary warns the EU of a possible NO DEAL BREXIT.

OK, Mr. Davis we got there in the end, so my question is who exactly are you warning about a NO DEAL BREXIT; is it by any chance the gentleman mentioned in STEP 1 above? If so can you please as a personal favour recite – loudly – all 3 STEPS and see if you’re making any sense.

Here’s the thing; I appreciate…

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