A Petition to Protect our Democracy from all forms of Subversive Influence

This is NOT a Normal state of affairs in a Democracy, this is a Normalised toxic state where people abuse Democracy to defeat Democracy & Free Speech. 

Fidelito's Blog

I call on the British government and all political parties to reaffirm our commitment as a nation to equal rights/protections to all groups irrespective of colour, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation; it is a reaffirmation that ensures equal treatment to all under the law. It follows from this foundational principle that any form segregation – physical or psychological – is not only a threat to our Democracy but also our own values as well as our social cohesion as a multicultural nation – which is at the current state seems to be a working progress; this with the clear understanding that ours is a nation of Western/Christian tradition one that is an integral part of our identity and as such requires the necessary protections/guarantees. We need to ensure our commitment to these fundamental values are not only in rhetoric but also in action. I would therefore recommend these measures…

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