A BREXIT Nugget: A Nugget Served with Exquisite French Cuisine

After a comfy European Holiday Theresa May discusses the BREXIT nugget served with exquisite French food & a touch of classy/tasty French wine – now who can ever fail to reach a deal with all that luxury lifestyle?

More importantly how desperate can Theresa Maybe to break her wonderful Italian holiday for a cosy chat with accompanied by an exquisite cuisine & surrounding at the Fort de Brégançon on the French mediterranean coast. She must really be desperate; giving us all a taste of things to come post BREXIT; but worry NOT Mrs. May from this fear-mongering view because there is plenty of cuisines with incredible variety to choose from when you proudly/strongly scramble to negotiate trade deals abroad; a time when things like immigration and foreign influence on our economy & policy will become an afterthought.

Anyway hope you enjoyed your trip but get a more comfy long haul aircraft cause you’ll be burning plenty of fuel post BREXIT. Or Maybe hold on with that thought cause things Maybe changing sooner than you think.

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